About Us

BigHouse Locations PTY LTD

Located in the heart of Sydney. BigHouse Locations has been scouting and managing locations for the film, television, commercial and event industries since 1990.

Not just a pretty house

BigHouse Locations has built up a significant database of available locatons. We have categories of locations to match your every production brief: -


  • houses
  • apartments
  • multiple houses
  • units
  • coastal houses
  • country houses

Public Buildings

  • cultural
  • museum
  • gallery
  • theatre
  • library
  • education
  • sporting
  • transport
  • airport
  • religious
  • health
  • miscellaneous

Urban Design

  • bridge
  • park
  • open space
  • fountain
  • sculpture
  • memorial
  • motorway


  • office building
  • factory
  • warehouse
  • industrial
  • retail
  • restaurant
  • cafe
  • hotel
  • resort


  • car
  • boat
  • train
  • plane


  • landscapes
  • beaches
  • rivers
  • waterfalls
  • deserts
  • forests
  • wilderness
  • valleys
  • mountains
  • etc

You provide the paint and we'll provide the canvas.

If we don't have exactly what you are looking for, we'll find it. BigHouse Locations have experienced staff who can research and scout for your specific requirements.

BigHouse Locations

Once you are registered as a client, our consultants will work with you to find the right location and instantly upload the details to your private job account on our web site or email you a choice of locations.

BigHouse Locations Scouting

Should you require location scouting for a specific project, we have all the knowledge, equipment and experience to find the locations you are looking for. Locations can be sent via our online web server, email, prints, albums, CD, DVD or video.

BigHouse Locations Permissions

If you require location permissions, we have over 18 years of experience negotiating and securing locations. As we deal with property owners and government regulators on a regular basis we have built up sound working relationships.

BigHouse Locations Management

Should you require location management we are able to provide you with a location manger to oversee your project and protect the location. As part of the location management service we provide drop sheets.

BigHouse Locations Consultation

If considering filming, shooting or staging an event in Australia we can help establish feasibility, provide you with a quote for your locations, and help create a logistics plan.

BigHouse Locations Production Liaison

Should you be considering a project in Australia and need some help we have plenty of production experience. We can organize travel arrangements, accommodation, locations, cast, crew and equipment.

BigHouse Locations Executive Rentals

Should you require a residence for short term rental we can organize this for you.

Register as a client

Contact us for a no obligation quote for any of our services.

For the Property Owner

We act as your agents, vet clients, negotiate fees, ensure that all the relevant location insurance associated with filming is in place, prepare a comprehensive contract with the production company, including such details as level of location insurance, hours of filming, overtime rates etc. We ensure that you are paid on the day. We also offer premium listing in return for sole agency. There is NO REGISTRATION FEE. All the marketing of your property and inclusion on our website is FREE.

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