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For the Property Owner

If you are a property owner wishing to submit your property for use as a possible location please read the details below and then fill out the application form and send us some photos.

We act as your agents, vet clients, negotiate fees, ensure that all the relevant location insurance associated with filming is in place, prepare a comprehensive contract with the production company, including such details as level of location insurance, hours of filming, overtime rates etc. We also offer premium listing in return for sole agency. There is NO REGISTRATION FEE. All the marketing of your property and inclusion on our website is FREE. Please note that we represent homes in the Sydney area only.

A film/commercial production can have 10 - 40 crew and a photographic shoot 6 - 12 crew. This depends on the requirements of the shoot.


Most hirers will require 1-2 preshoot visits to your property prior to deciding if it is suitable for the project. The production companies usually don't pay for these surveys.


BigHouse Locations will provide a contract, which will be entered into between BigHouse Locations and the location owner. The location owner will receive a signed copy of the contract prior to the commencement of the hire period.


BigHouse Locations will invoice the hirer for the full fee, and on receipt and clearance of the fee, forward the owner the location fee.

BigHouse Locations will ensure that the hirer has public liability insurance and will hold evidence of the policy in its offices at -

20 James St, Woolahra 2025, Sydney, Australia. A copy is available on request.

Location fees are normally calculated on a negotiated required time with the hirer. Overtime will apply after the completion of the agreed time and will be charged at a negotiated rate and be subject to availability. All location overtime will be invoiced by BigHouse Locations and will be subject to payment by the hirer within 7 days.

Prep and Strike Days

'Prep Days' - the set up days before filming and 'Strike Days' (the bumping out and restoring the location after filming) are sometimes necessary. These are charged at a lower rate than filming days.

Before and after the hire property

We recommend home owners inspect the location with the team leader or the location manager prior to commencement of the production to note any existing imperfections and answer any questions the production may have.

After the completion of the production the team leader overseas the crew bumping out and tidying up. We suggest the location owner and team leader inspect the location again to make sure everything is put back in the right spot and to note if any damage has occured during production.

Home owners responsibilities

If you wish your property to be promoted as a location by BigHouse Locations we reserve the right to allow our clients access to photographic images of your property via 'BigHouse Locations'.

BigHouse Locations will not undertake any hiring of a property without the express permission of the owner. The rate agreed with the hirer will be agreed to by the owner and confirmed on the contract provided by BigHouse Locations.

The location owner should consider himself or herself contracted to deal with the first agent who contacts them about a project. Therefore you should advise BigHouse Locations when called if you are already dealing with another agent for a particular job.

Should you later decide to deal with another agent, having already been contacted by BigHouse Locations about the same project, we reserve the right to charge a commission of 15% + GST of the original hire fee discussed.


The easiest and quickest way to register your location with BigHouse Locations is to email digital photographs of the property with basic explanatory notes and contact details.

Digital images should not be smaller than 1024 x 768.

Photographs should be taken of both the exterior and interior of the property. Stand well back and take photographs with a lens setting of no wider than 28mm. Please limit picture file sizes to under 1MB.

Here are some of the types of photos that will best represent your property listing.

  • Front exterior shot
  • From front of house looking out
  • Dining room
  • Hallways
  • Kitchen
  • Living rooms
  • Living room looking into other rooms
  • Master bedroom
  • Back yard
  • Any other interesting features ie Pool, Garden, Tennis Court, Stables, Driveway

Email the images to -

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