Australian Testimonials

"Thank you, [BigHouse Locations], for your invaluable help over the past weeks"

Baz Luhrman

"Despite the difficulties presented [BigHouse Locations] by a tight schedule and limited budget, you managed to secure locations that faithfully served our many needs and which far surpassed our initial expectations ... Our liaison was at all times entusiastic and courteous. When we encountered difficulties, ie: resistance from councils or a seeming inability to find the 'perfect location', [BigHouse Locations] persisited until we won through and were totally satisfied ... We would not hesitate to recommend BigHouse Locations to anyone who may be in need of your kind of expertise and we would, as a first choice, come to [them] again with our locations needs."

Traicee Evison-Griffith, Producer 'Travelling at the Speed of Light'

"I have no hesitation in recommending your services and [BigHouse Locations] to anyone seeking assistance in locations and production coordination."

Karen Myers, Location Liaison Officer 'NSW Film and Television Office'

"All the locations were perfect ... and we have a couple of great looking commercials as a result ... I look forward to working with [BigHouse Locations] on the next one!"

Claire Barclay, Producer 'In Deep Productions'

International Testimonials

"In the name of Swiss National Television I would like to thank you once again for your fantastic support concerning the show, Simplyluxurious - Australia. We really hope that in another occasion we can work with you again."

Florian Kohler, Swiss National Television

"I think BigHouse Locations is a very good reason to shoot in Sydney"

Philipp Skrabal, EURO RSCG

Without [BigHouse Locations] professional way of organising, precise work, and skill in negotiations, we would never have got such a result from 10 days work in Australia"

Meili Dschen, Producer 'Swiss Television DRS'

"The co-operation with BigHouse Locations was very efficient and pleasant. If there will ever be another shoot in Sydney we will certainly choose them as partners again."

Gaudenz Zemp, Creative Director 'EURO RSCG'

"It's a miracle that [the BigHouse Locations people] didn't give up. Thanks to BigHouse Locations, we managed to finish the job without any more disasters."

Odet Stuyt, Producer 'Boudewijn Smit Fotografie BV'

"Thank you very much for everything, I really enjoyed working ... with [BigHouse Locations]. [It was one] of the best shoots I've ever had."

Petra Schinkothe, 'Scholz & Friends International'

"Without [BigHouse Locations] help, input,and understanding we couldn't have succeeded so well ...Without it, we couldn't have produced the series under such limited circumstances."

Pino Aschwanden & Peter Lippuner, Producers 'Swiss TV'

"Having joined us on Tuesday evening, I'm sure you'll agree the location was very dramatic and successful. Thank you for working with us. I hope we have the chance to do so again."

Karin Upton, Managing Director 'Hermes'

Charity Work - Testimonials

"Without the continuing support of people like [BigHouse Locations], and the donation of high calibre advertising such as this, we would not be able to carry out the fundraising to support projects relating to HIV/AIDS support, care, education and research."

Jayne Hedley-Boreham, National Projects Coordinator 'AIDS Trust of Australia'

Many thanks for the help with the Jonny Warren Campaign.

Sydney Cancer Foundation

"Thank you for your generous support for the work of the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife. We are grateful for [BigHouse Locations] assistance in helping us make a difference for National Parks and Wildlife in NSW ... Thank you for your assistance with our fundraising efforts, it is truly appreciated."

Alison Evans, Chief Executive 'National Parks and Wildlife'

"Thank you again for the use of your precious time, equipment and for your generous support of our charity AIDS commercial. Without [BigHouse Locations] the commercial could not have been made."

Georgina Wilson, Production Coordinator 'Windows Productions'